Sunday, February 6, 2011

Para Que Sirve Quadriderm Nf Crema

live or die VILLA VERUCCHIO ...... Access

On the road again for yet another amazing adventure Mercuriodacorsa and his faithful friends, all this morning at Villa Verucchio (rn), where we were in for a test of the Mini calendar 2011, beautiful sunny day, a great climate x Sgambati in peace with good friends at his side. Just the hormones were already enrolled in the ball and raving in order to go (ahead), I see a little later a silhouette friend, guess who was it?? but it was the eponymous blog triathlete CIRO Ciro fourever "I warmly greet the nice friend and ask him to Romagna join us, but none of it to leave before we talk and then we warmly greet you with a resounding pat on the back (and always a pleasure to meet him) I reach my teammates and go into the unknown. 12km and 200-meter trek selective where the climb really makes her the boss, I nonetheless like crazy to optimize everything, grit my teeth, they dighigno, inpreco against everyone and everything but at the end of the route that you have exhausted but happy participated in a beautiful Running with breathtaking views of the beautiful promontory of Rimini. Think about it ....... and better to live than to die ...... you risk loosing the special day. Saturday and next Sunday you go to Venice (VE) to participate in the TA Venetian friends.


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